"Lim, X & NV" Not Available on Installation Certicates, Schedule of Inspections

The inspection schedule is for new installation work only and user cannot select Lim or X or  as any new work must comply with BS 7671, or if it is a departure, to be of no less of a safety level.

Fo example a consumer unit change, the existing circuits are not subject to certification under an EIC but should be assessed as safe for continued use under an EICR, which does allow limitations, reporting of dangerous situations and recommendations for improvement to the existing installation.

Failure to correctly carry out an assessment prior to a consumer unit change can result in additional work for the contractor when the new consumer unit trips the RCD or CB’s, a duty of care as the last person to work on the circuit(s) is also assumed.

While there is no requirement to upgrade the existing installation to the current edition there is a requirement to comment on the existing installation.


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