Ive Lost my Password/Log In Details

For accounts created after V5.8.6 or if you have logged in on a device running V5.8.6 or above.

Go to the account log in screen.  You may need to go to Susbcibe> log out first. Tap the "Forgot Log In Details" button.  Enter your username/email.  Your password will be shown immediately and log in details filled out for you 


For accounts created before V5.8.6

All passwords are encrypted and we have no access to it so its important you keep it safe.  Forgetting your password wont stop you using iCertifi on your device, however it will mean you can't use iCertifi on other devices for free.  

If you can't remember your log in details:

On any device you have purchased or have an active iCertifi subscription, create a new account.

  1. Select the subscribe tab > log out 
  2. Log in > create new account. Use a different email address for the new account, you can re use your old password if you like. 
  3. Log in to the relevant iCertifi app with your new email and password details and it should unlock instantly


Saving log in details with 1Password

In iCertifi V3.9.2 or above users can create and save iCertifi account details with 1Password. You account details are kept secure in a cloud vault with 1Password and can be used to log in to all your favourite iCertifi apps at the touch of a button.  

You must have 1Password installed on your device to use this feature


How to use 1Password to save your iCertifi account details