How Many Devices Can I Use iCertifi Cloud On?

As many as you want no separate licences.  However you can only use it on one device at a time


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    Andrew J Gilmour

    Hi We use ICertifi, I have 3x electricians plus myself. We also use NIC EIC online [Pay as you go] which worked the best for us the app was on various devices my IPad Pro which I use now for everything now in place of my laptop, another IPad Pro, IPad 2, and a couple of IPhones. These are across different accounts one uses there own IPad there own phones.
    I set accounts on the main page ie there is four accounts. We pay £1.50 per certificate.
    On the ICertificloud do I have to pay for each account or can I set the 3no.other users under on account?
    Andrew J